Школа 11 класс Английский язык Final Test 1

Школа 11 класс Английский язык Final Test 1


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1. Report the sentences.

            1. 'I've borrowed your CD player.' My brother said ...

            2. 'We're watching a DVD now'. They said ...

            3. 'If he doesn't phone today, it'll be too late to tell him.' She said ...

            4. 'We're going to have a camping holiday next summer.' They said ...

            5. 'My sister was working in France when she met her boyfriend.' He said ...

            6. 'I don't enjoy travelling by coach.' He said ...

            7. 'We didn't visit our grandparents last year.' They said ...

            8. I come here every week.' She said ...

            9. 'We won't stay at expensive hotels'. They said ...

            10. 'My sister started her exams yesterday.' He said ...

2. Write the original words.

              1. He complained that his soup was cold. ...

              2. They had been waiting there for over an hour. ...

              3. Mr. Jones said his son was going to work in the USA. ...

              4. She said that if she passed her exams, she would have a party. ...

              5. I said I didn't want to be late. ...

3. Read the questions asked by a Customs Officer. Complete the sentences reporting the questions.

1 How long will you stay here? 2 How much money have you got with you? 3 Do you have any friends or family here? 4 Why are you visiting Canada? 5 Are you a student? 6 How long have you been a student? 7 Were you on flight BA 739 from London? 8 Can you show me your return ticket? 9 Is the red and black bag yours? 10 Did you travel alone?

When I arrived, the Customs Officer first asked me 1 and 2 . Then, he wanted to know 3 . The next thing he wanted to know 4 . He wondered 5 . He wanted to know 6 . After that, he asked 7 . Then, he asked me 8 . He wasn't sure 9 . Finally, he asked me 10 .


4. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

  1. My uncle has gone into hospital. I think I should (visit) him tomorrow.

  2. We live in London and sometimes I really wish we (live) in the country.

  3. I overslept this morning. I should (go) to bed earlier last night.

  4. They were very upset. I wish I (not tell) them the news.

  5. Sue told me the disco had been great. I wish (go).

  6. Be careful. This hill is very steep. You should (not cycle) down it too fast.

  7. I wish I (be) old enough to learn to drive.

  8. I don't see my cousins very often. I wish they (not live) so far away.

  9. I've got no pocket money left. I should (not buy) those expensive trainers.

  10. This party is so boring. I wish I (not be) here!


5. Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

  1. What's the price of the tickets, Ben? (much)

How _____ Ben?

  1. Are these your trainers? (to)

Do _____ you?

  1. Mary's not keen on team sports at all. (like)

Mary ___ team sports at all.

  1. It's only her second time in a recording studio. (been)

She ___ in a recording studio once before.

  1. We got here three hours ago. (have)

We ____ three hours.

  1. I started writing this hours ago and it's still not right. (writing)

I ____ hours and it's still not right.

  1. This is my first experience of flying alone. (time)

It is the first ___ alone.

  1. Peter's in the bath at the moment. (a)

Peter ___ at the moment.

  1. John enjoys surprises apart from on his birthday. (does)

John ___ surprises, just not on his birthday!

  1. Tommy never used to spend much time playing on his computer. (use)

Tommy ___ spend so much time playing on his computer.


6. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the multi-part verbs. There is one extra verb.

calm down, come up with, dress up, get across, go on about, look up, make out, settle down, speak up, take down, turn up

1. I'll get a pencil so I can ... your email address.

2. A: Do they... to go to the theatre?

B: No, they always wear casual clothes.

3. We've ... a great idea for Sam's birthday present – a flying lesson!

4. Can I borrow your dictionary to..., how to spell 'accommodation'?

5. They asked me to ... because they couldn't hear me at the back of the hall.

6. He's only interested in his stamp collection – he ... it all the time.

7. He ... half an hour late for his interview so he didn't get the job.

8. I'd just ... to watch my favorite TV soap and the phone rang.

9. They ... they were pleased to see us but I knew they weren't.

10. He was very angry so he went for a long walk to....


7. Complete the sentences with these words.

career, job(s), profession, work

1. Teaching young children is very tiring ... .

2. Sue's got a summer ... as a tourist guide.

3. She had a successful ... as a politician before she retired.

4. There are several ... that need doing in the garden before the winter.

5. Four generations of her family have worked in the legal ... .


8. Complete the sentences with back, off, on or up.

      1. He left Australia twenty years ago and has never gone ….

      2. We'll miss the bus if you don't hurry ….

      3. Can you hang … for a couple of minutes? I'm nearly ready.

      4. I'll drop you … in the town center.

      5. He's walking fast. We'll never catch … with him.